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Ugly Porcelain, Fiberglass, Cultured Marble and other bathtub materials can look like new again without expensive replacement or liner and without spray painting!

For years there were only three possibilities when you had an old ugly bathtub. Costly replacement, spray paint refinishing or bathtub liner inserts. However, these methods can be riddled with problems. Like what you ask? Below you will find three reasons to choose SPR and some interesting reading that should be considered before choosing other bathtub refinishing methods.

3 Reasons You Should Choose SPR Bathtub Refinishing

3 Reasons You Should Choose SPR Bathtub Refinishing
Reason 1 | Superior Products | SPR Bathtub Refinishing can restore your ugly, hard to clean, dull bathtub to a like new condition without using smelly, hazardous, unhealthy, messy spray paint that will chip, crack and peel. Our refinished tubs can be used the same day because our products are specifically designed to dry as we apply them. In fact, our refinished or restored bathtubs can often be used as soon as we are finished. All of our bathtub refinishing products are carefully formulated with the highest standards of quality control ensuring a quality bathtub refinishing job each time. And our products are never a danger to your health like spray paint bathtub refinishing products.

Reason 2 | Long Lasting | SPR Bathtub Refinishing is long lasting and comes with a Lifetime No Peel Guarantee. If fact our exclusive NoSpray™ Bathtub Refinishing process cannot peel when it is applied by one of our professionally trained applicators. Using SPR Bathtub Refinishing actually saves you money because our refinished bathtubs last much longer than spray painted bathtubs or liners. The shine, gloss and luster on your newly refinished bathtub can be easily maintained using our Tub CareKit™. Each kit is capable of keeping your beautiful bathtub looking new for one full year. Purchase through your applicator or by calling us at 770-966-1331.

Reason 3 | Save Money | SPR Bathtub Refinishing costs much less than replacement or bathtub liners and will look great for years. Maybe you are considering remodeling at some time in the future but don't want to live with your current ugly bathtub. Or maybe you need a quick upgrade for reselling a home. We even save apartment, hotel and retirement communities thousands every year over bathtub replacement.

3 Reasons You Should Not Use Spray Paint Bathtub Refinishing

3 Reasons You Should Not Use spray Paint Bathtub Refinishing
Reason 1 | Health Hazards | Many paints are hazardous to your health and the health of the applicator. Some paints have been linked to causing cancer. Chemicals called Isocyanates are the most likely culprit. SPR Bathtub Refinishing products do not contain Isocyanates or any other cancer causing chemicals. We endeavor to use long lasting, time tested, water based products whenever possible and research all of our products to ensure your health and that of our applicators. Even if a company is using products free from Iscyanates, if they have not been researched thoroughly, they may be unsafe to bathe in. Why take the chance? Our exclusive NoSpray™ Bathtub Refinishing is safe for our applicator, your family, guests and tenants.

Reason 2 | Product Failure | Spray Paint type Bathtub Refinishing is prone to problems. It tends to crack, peel, lift or fade over time. This is partially due to a lack of time in preparing the surface before bathtub refinishing begins. Bathtub refinishers may feel that they can simply cover your bathtub surface with paint and avoid time consuming, but necessary preparation. However, if the surface is not cleansed of all dirt, grease, body oil, soaps and mineral deposits before the bathtub is refinished, it is a failure waiting to happen. The tub may look great upon completion, but over the next months or even years, the surface may begin to crack, peel and lift causing an expensive health hazard. SPR NoSpray™ Bathtub Refinishing is different and superior in so many ways.

Reason 3 | The Mess | Spray Paint type Bathtub Refinishing leaves overspray and dust all over the surrounding area in your bathroom and even other portions of your home. Some conscientious bathtub refinishers are diligent in placing tape and paper on every square inch of the bathroom so as to avoid overspray. Unfortunately, most are not that detailed, especially the lower priced bathtub refinishers. They cannot afford to take the needed time for these details. Buyer beware!

2 Reasons You Should Not Use Bathtub Liner Inserts

2 Reasons You Should Not Use Bathtub Liner Inserts
Reason 1 | Stinky Product Failure | Although Bathtub Liner Inserts look great the day they are installed, they are prone to failure. A smelly failure at that. How so? Water from condensation will naturally occur between the bathtub liner and the original bathtub. Over time, this water becomes stagnant and presents an overwhelming odor in the home. The only solution is to remove the bathtub liner. This often leaves the bathtub beyond repair or refinishing and must be replaced depending on the method used to attach the liner to the original tub. In addition to the condensation issue, some lesser expensive tub liners are so thin they may crack under average body weight. Buyer beware!

Reason 2 | Expense | Bathtub Liner Inserts are very expensive to install. Some tub liner inserts cost as much as $5000 to install. It is no wonder many of these companies offer financing. You may need a second mortgage to pay for a complete bathroom remodel from a bathtub liner company.

Choosing SPR Bathtub Refinishing Just Makes Sense!

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I had my bathtub refinished 15 years ago with the SPR Glastic NoSpray™ Process. My bathtub still looks great and I love how easy it is to clean. My daughters bathtub now needs to be refinished and I want her to get it refinishing using the SPR Glastic NoSpray™ Process just like I did. Please direct me to the applicator serving my area.

Jane R

Dallas TX

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I manage an apartment complex in Atlanta GA and have used SPR Bathtub Refinishing for over four years. I have never had to call back for a peeling bathtub and my tenants just love your technicians. Thanks for four years with no headaches caused by your bathtub refinishing.

Nancy T

Atlanta GA


After much research I landed on your website. The information about the dangers of bathtub refinishing peaked my curiosity. It turns out that chemical off gassing is a real issue and I did not want my children bathing in chemicals for years. Thank you SPR for developing your safer bathtub refinishing methods. I would highly recommend you to others with small children that are contemplating refinishing the bathtub that the children use. Thanks again.

Renee T

Miami FL