Why Choose SPR Business Opportunity?

SPR Bathtub Refinishing Business Opportunity
You will read below why SPR is the best alternative to a bathtub refinishing franchise and a really great choice for a start up business in a down economy. After you are finished, feel free to call us or we will be in touch with you shortly using the information you provided. Read more below.

Company History

SPR has been a leader in the bathtub refinishing business since 1973. SPR has a long track record of helping everyday people start and operate successful refinishing businesses. If fact, some of the bathtub refinishers that became Exclusive Applicators in the 70's are still using our products and growing their businesses today.

Earth's Safest Method of Bathtub Refinishing is SPR Bathtub Refinishing.

Safer Refinishing Products

SPR has developed safer ways to get great results on bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing. It turns out that you don't need to use harmful paints to successfully refinish bathtubs, tile and countertops. The SPR method is the Earth's Safest, Most Friendly method of refinishing available. Safer for you, applicators, customers and the planet. You can feel great and breath easy about using our refinishing products. We feel that SPR products are the absolute best choice for bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing. We are confident that you will agree. That's why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our products.

Low Start Up Investment

Compare SPR to bathtub refinishing franchises that can cost over $100,000 to start. There is no need to spend so much money on a franchise when SPR offers a bathtub refinishing franchise alternative. SPR's Exclusive Applicator's benefit in much the same ways that those who purchase franchises do, only at a fraction of the investment. SPR's Exclusive Applicator investment is based on the number of potential clients in your protected territory and our minimum purchasing requirements for maintaining your exclusive territory are among the most reasonable in the industry.

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Our apartment facility is getting old and our tubs have been painted many times. We could not afford to replace them so we just kept getting them painted. Well that was then and this is NOW. We no longer have peeling bathtub paint. Our local SPR NoSpray™ applicators removed the old paint from our tubs and then restored them. Some were done in occupied apartments. There was NO Odor or mess and the tubs could be used the same day. Since that time things have been much better around here when tubs are refinished. NO MORE COMPLAINTS!

Peter S
Virginia Beach VA