Bathtub Refinishing Business Benefits!

While there are many benefits to owning your own business, choosing the right business can be tricky. Below you will read some reasons why others say SPR Bathtub Refinishing Business is the best choice.

Flexible Schedule

SPR Exclusive Applicators have Flexible Schedules. Most of our clients can be scheduled around your schedule. Some of the refinishing work you will perform is Emergency and must be completed immediately. Most however can be scheduled in the near future at your convenience. There are always Weekly Tasks that you must perform in order to grow your business. But again, these can be completed around your personal life. This gives you freedom of your time to do the things you like to do.

  • Spend more Time with Family and Friends

  • Take a Vacation or just Relax

  • Take a Course to Improve your Business Skills

  • Give Back to your Community by Volunteering

  • Go to the Kids Games or Activities

  • Just Imagine What You Could Do With More Time Control

Keep Your Expenses Low! SPR Exclusive Applicators are always encouraged to Live Within Their Means. Try not to purchase on credit if you can help it. Only purchase necessary products and tools. Keep your business in your home as long as you can to keep expenses low. Or purchase or rent a small office or warehouse. You don't need a showroom until you enter the residential market and you may never choose to do that after you feel the benefits of our Phase 1 Commercial Client Program. By doing all of this, your profits stay high and you have capital for continued growth, or to do other things you would like to do, now that you have the money.

Grow at your Own Pace

SPR will never pressure you to grow your business if you don't want to. SPR is family owned and operated and we understand family, home based businesses. We also understand that many of you will be more aggressive in your business. Whether your goal is to just provide modestly for your family, or your goal is to become the Top Refinisher in your area, SPR can help.

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I have been a bathtub refinisher for the past 27 years. I have refinished a lot of tubs and sometimes have to apply a pigmented coating on a tub to change the color but I prefer to use the SPR NoSpray™ products because it is so easy to make a tub look like new. There are NO ODORS or MESS and the tub can be used the same day. My customers love the results and I love the process. Our main office in Richmond VA has been using the SPR NoSpray™ process since 1985 and would not even think of using another bathtub refinishing product. We refinish hundreds of tubs each year and there are rarely call backs with the SPR bathtub and tile refinishing products. There is nothing else like it!

Sam M
Richmond VA


Our apartment facility is getting old and our tubs have been painted many times. We could not afford to replace them so we just kept getting them painted. Well that was then and this is NOW. We no longer have peeling bathtub paint. Our local SPR NoSpray™ applicators removed the old paint from our tubs and then restored them. Some were done in occupied apartments. There was NO Odor or mess and the tubs could be used the same day. Since that time things have been much better around here when tubs are refinished. NO MORE COMPLAINTS!

Peter S
Virginia Beach VA


Our hotel is located right on the beach in Savannah GA and really gets a lot of abuse from the sand. We tried having the bathtubs refinished several times but they always peeled and looked worse than before they were refinished. After learning about the SPR Glastic NoSpray™ System we had the paint removed using their NO odor paint stripper to remove all of the old paint from the bathtubs and started over. Our bathtubs now look great without having painted them. We can now easily maintain them and never worry about peeling paint again.

Roger W
Savannah GA