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A Letter From SPR Founder and President

Welcome, My name is Larry Stevens, the founder of SPR International Bathtub Refinishing and the inventor of the Glastic™ NoSpray™ Surface bathtub and tile refinishing system.

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We have been in the bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing business business since 1973. We have helped hundreds of individuals world wide to learn a better way to refinish bathtubs, tile and countertops. We allow each customer as much time and attention as needed so as to secure each refinishers success with our refinishing system. Your success with our NoSpray™ Refinishing System is our ultimate priority. Our family here at SPR would like to personally thank you for your interest in our unique bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing system.

We sincerely hope that you find our website to be enlightening and encouraging. It's a wonderful feeling to know that there is a safer, healthier, more earth friendly way to refinishing bathtubs, tiles & grout and countertops. The only call-backs you can expect are from happy customers referring family, friends and neighbors and to order more bathtub, tile and countertop maintenance products to keep their professionally restored surfaces looking like new forever. You stand to double your money on each CareKit™

For nearly 40 years we have conformed to the strictest California codes for our refinishing products. In the early 1980's we developed the Poly-Tub-Restoration™ NoSpray™ System. It included a unique line of bathtub refinishing products called Glastic™ ColdFuzion™. All of this was kept as a closely guarded trade secret for over 25 years. Only our network of private refinishers have access to our bathtub refinishing system. Today it is available to refinishers world wide and you can now benefit from over 25 years of experience with our Next Generation of proprietary Glastic™ NoSpray™ Bathtub, Tile and Countertop Refinishing system. No more harsh hazardous fumes and chemicals, runs, drips, overspray, peeling, chipping or cracking.

If you are already a refinisher you will really appreciate the possibilities that are ahead of you with the SPR NoSpray™ system. If you are new to the industry you are in a perfect position since you do not have to suffer all of the consequences of spray painting like the refinishers that came before you.

Hundreds of old school bathtub painters have seen the light and no longer put their health in danger every day by spraying dangerous bathtub paint products. Do yourself a favor and read the label on all of your refinishing products again and consider what you are exposing your body to daily, including your brain and internal organs. Protect your life it is a precious gift!

Thanks For Your Interest

Larry Stevens

Testimonials About SPR Bathtub Refinishing Products

Why Was I So Impressed with SPR Bathtub Refinishing Products?

  • I did not spray anything.
  • I did not need to wear a respirator.
  • The tub could be used the same day.
  • My fingernails and hands were not white with glaze.
  • There was no spray gun to clean up or any solvent to dispose of.
  • It was hard to believe that what I had just done with my own hands and SPR was really possible.
  • After finishing the tub I presented the home owner with the SPR TubCare™ Kit gift box, full of unique tub care supplies.
  • There were NO ODORS and NO COMPLAINTS, just praises and complements on the TUB and the Tub care kit I left with them.
The Tub Guy

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