Reviews from Bathtub Refinishers about SPR®

Virginia C**

"Our association with SPR began about 30 years ago. My husband, who at the time was a builder/remodeler, heard about SPR from a friend in Tennessee and saw the potential for growth in our area. So we embarked on a business adventure that would eventually involve the whole family. As we cultivated the business, it provided a steady income for the family while allowing us time for other activities that were important to us including travel.

"At first my husband used exclusively the SPR spray application which was extremely effective, but later switched to the Glastic NoSpray method, which later proved to be a good decision for me.

"After about 15 years, my husband, because of hereditary heart issues, was no longer able to work and so he began to train me in the process. After his death, I made the decision to continue the business myself. SPR was very supportive during this whole time period and even allowed me to come into the office for further training, which I have very much appreciated. Following the suggestions, both about running the business and the technical support for on job application, has allowed us to build and maintain the business we have. We have found SPR products and technology to be top of the line and this has helped us to maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

"Even during my own lengthly illness, we have been able to keep our business going and at some point all members of our family have worked and been supported by our SPR business.

"We are very thankful that 30 years ago, my husband started out on a business venture that has carried us through to now and has allowed us to live the kind of life we desired. From our family to you, thank you Stevens family and SPR®."

Sam M**

"I have been a bathtub refinisher for the past 27 years. I have refinished a lot of tubs and sometimes have to apply a pigmented coating on a tub to change the color but I prefer to use the SPR NoSpray™ products because it is so easy to make a tub look like new. There are NO ODORS or MESS and the tub can be used the same day. My customers love the results and I love the process. Our main office in Richmond VA has been using the SPR NoSpray™ process since 1985 and would not even think of using another bathtub refinishing product. We refinish hundreds of tubs each year and there are rarely call backs with the SPR bathtub and tile refinishing products. There is nothing else like it!"

George S**

"I have had many technicians over the years and most just can't get it right. I have had so many call backs, until now. Thanks to SPR my technicians don't complain, they love the new process. It is so forgiving. If they mess up, they can fix it right then and there without having to plan another trip. It is the most forgiving bathtub refinishing system I have ever seen. If you are skeptical, as I was, try it. They offered me a money back guarantee to try it. I did and I will never spray paint another tub again."

The Tub Guy

"I have refinished bathtubs for nearly 20 years and have tried virtually every product available.

I love the business but always hated the drawbacks related to spraying paint with fancy names. I was very skeptical when I saw the advertisement from SPR talking about their NoSpray™ Bathtub Refinishing Process. I was just about to call it quits with painting bathtubs. But I figured what the heck I've tried everything else, just maybe there is something to their hype.

I ordered their startup kit. When it arrived I unpacked everything and laid it out to see just what I had gotten myself into. As I looked over the tools and supplies I did not see anything that I had used before to paint tubs.

I decided to give it a try, so I read the instructions for restoring porcelain bathtubs several times. I then got an old tub to practice on and boy was it ugly. I followed the instructions to the T. Well, low and behold the tub started looking better and better as I progressed. When I finished that first tub the SPR way I knew that I was on to something BIG.

After doing the practice tub several times I went out and did my first tub for a customer and I was amazed.

Why Was I So Impressed with SPR Bathtub Refinishing Products?

  • I did not spray anything.
  • I did not need to wear a respirator.
  • The tub could be used the same day.
  • My fingernails and hands were not white with glaze.
  • There was no spray gun to clean up or any solvent to dispose of.
  • It was hard to believe that what I had just done with my own hands and SPR was really possible.
  • After finishing the tub I presented the home owner with the SPR TubCare™ Kit gift box, full of unique tub care supplies.
  • There were NO ODORS and NO COMPLAINTS, just praises and complements on the TUB and the Tub care kit I left with them.

That first tub looked pretty good to me, however it looked great to the homeowner. After that, each tub I did looked better than the last one. After refinishing my first 15 tub SPR Restoration Kit I was thoroughly convinced that I was never going to get out of this business. I love the money surface refinishing gives me and I love doing it the SPR way. GO GREEN GO!

I have been restoring a like new look to tubs & tile the SPR way for several years now and seldom if ever have a call back. Before SPR I refinished very little tile & grout, but now I do a lot of it, because it's so easy. After explaining to my prospects that I do not paint anymore, but instead restore surfaces to their original look with Glastic™, a proprietary space age clear liquid polymer that rebuilds and renews the surface I feel confident enough to give a Lifetime Written Warranty that the unique Glastic™ polymer will never PEEL like tub paint! The products and knowledge I get from SPR makes my company stand head high over any of my competitors.

I have talked with many refinishers in other parts of the country who were in the same situation I was in. Many of them have switched over to the SPR process too. There are however some I've talked with who are very skeptical and refuse to make any kind of change. Its kind of like an old newspaper reporter who refuses to use a computer since his old typewriter still works. Unfortunately he will just fade away!

I love praise and hate complaints. Thanks to SPR complaints are a thing of the past for us now!"