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SPR® is a Bathtub, Tile & Countertop Refinishing Company. All of our applicators and distributors own and operate independent businesses. SPR® provides products that are safer, longer lasting, and more earth friendly than any other refinishing system. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing. Choosing SPR® Bathtub, Tile & Countertop Refinishing is a wise choice that will reward you for many years. Read some of the great reviews from our customers.


I had my bathtub refinished 15 years ago with the SPR® Glastic NoSpray™ Process. My bathtub still looks great and I love how easy it is to clean. My daughters bathtub now needs to be refinished and I want her to get it refinishing using the SPR® Glastic NoSpray™ Process just like I did. Please direct me to the applicator serving my area.

Jane R
Dallas TX
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